We support investors and clients as they deal with a range of management, strategy and organisational challenges.

We always enjoy unravelling messy multifaceted issues. We spend time with you to understand the situation and to work out the best approach.

We don’t offer standard, off-the-shelf, advisory ‘products’. Any project we work on with you will be tailored to the specific context and requirements, incorporating appropriate frameworks and tools to support as required. 

We keep our pricing simple. Where there are sensible ways of sharing risk and success, we are happy to discuss options. The companies and situations we deal with usually need to keep a keen eye on costs so we are used to finding creative solutions that deliver maximum value at sensible cost.

The following sections explain the different types of situations we work on with clients: what is important to look at, why that can be difficult, how success can be achieved and how Catalysis can add value through our advisory support.

Stick men cogs and thinking in bubbles
Management due diligence
Management referencing
Team, organisational
Workshop facilitation
Top team development
Coaching and mentoring
High stakes assessment
Inside private